Simultaneous Exchange

A Simultaneous 1031 Exchange occurs when the closing of the old property (“relinquished property”) happens on the same day as the closing of the new property (“replacement property”). In other words, there is no period between closings. This type of exchange is known as the oldest and most traditional form of 1031 Exchange.

While the quick timetable of Simultaneous Exchange makes it a less versatile route of exchange, it can easily be converted into a Delayed Exchange should the need arise. However, it is important to note that this exchange method is stricter than most, which means a qualified intermediary may be needed to safeguard your funds and ensure everything occurs legally. 

Why Choose a Simultaneous Exchange?

There is certainly a reason Simultaneous Exchange has been around so long. In fact, it offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Quickness and efficiency. A Simultaneous Exchange can save you more time and effort than most other methods of exchange when executed correctly. This is especially the case when you work with an expert intermediary who can guide you through the process.
  • Less stress. This transaction happens concurrently instead of waiting weeks or months, which means it can cut your transactional time down to a day. You’ll instantly be able to complete the exchange and focus on your investment. 
  • Fewer complications. While there are several requirements and standards that must be met with this exchange, working with a qualified intermediary can make a Simultaneous Exchange simple, quick, and without excessive complications. 

Get Started on Your Simultaneous Exchange Today

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