Start an Exchange

With the help of an expert, starting a 1031 Exchange can be hassle-free. If you have an interest in saving money through investments, you are already well on your way to starting an exchange. Once you’ve decided to pursue a 1031 Exchange, contact the experts at Prime West Exchange. 

Even if you are still uncertain about setting up your 1031 Exchange, you can establish an “option” to exchange and defer your taxable gain. This does not require much of a commitment, and it is a good fallback that you can set up for a relatively small setup fee (offset by “interest appreciation”).

The staff at Prime West Exchange, Inc. can help answer any questions you may have about starting your 1031 Exchange. Among many other things, we can:

  • Explain the basics of 1031 Exchange methods, including terminology and best next steps for your situation
  • Set up your exchange route, helping you choose the best exchange process for your properties. 
  • Draft legal paperwork and other agreements to keep your process moving forward
  • Open financial accounts to protect and grow your equity

Even if you already have knowledge about 1031 Exchanges, you should still work with experts to ensure your process goes smoothly. Prime West Exchange, Inc. can help set you on the right path and provide important financial counsel as a qualified intermediary. To get started with your 1031 Exchange, contact Prime West Exchange, Inc. by phone at (818) 442-2228.